Les Corts – 3BR & Patio 2800€


This modern and elegant flat has a space of 100m2 and it is fully furnished with exquisite taste. It offers you 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a spacious living room, an open kitchen and a superb terrace of 20m2. Here you will find a pretty table with stylish chairs next to the open kitchen. In the living room, there is a super nice sofa, tea table, and a TV. In the patio, here you can also find a great table and chairs, which is a spacious and wonderful place to relax and enjoy the evenings of Barcelona. This high standing flat is easy to access to public transportation and it just below the “lilla” next to the Hopital Dexeus. To sum up, this elegant flat is a perfect place to live for families who plan to settle in Barcelona.Come and visit it! Feel free to contact us if you need any further information. Gracias.

12. Kitchen 214. Patio 214. Patio 113. Living Room12. Kitchen 112. Kitchen 612. Kitchen 49. Master bedroom 19. Master bedroom 2PL15. White Horse Bedroom 14. Entrance 27. Office 06. White Horse Bathroom 26. White Horse Bathroom 18. Office Bathroom 111. Master bathroom 111. Master bathroom 210. Wardrobe 210. Wardrobe 15. White Horse Bedroom 35. White Horse Bedroom 212. Kitchen 512. Kitchen 3


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