About us


After Several years of investment in Real Estate in Paris, we moved to Barcelona to pursue higher rentability on investments. We have been in Barcelona for 5 years now with several investment. We helped hundreds of people to relocate in Barcelona by finding them a property either way to rent or to sale. And help many to invest in secondary residency here in the Barcelona area.

Buying a property in Spain when you are not Spanish, or onsite, is not allways easy. Lack of good standing products, difficulties to acess to the property available, many travels, many different spokes person etc…

The apartment hunter is in charge of helping the buyer and defend its interest and only the buyer interest. He will look for properties, organise visits, assist in the negotiation, and will help and advice until the signature of the sales contract.

 Why using our Service and not a TRADITIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENCY

ACCESS TO ALL OFFERS: Contrary to a real Estate agency we are not limited to a portfolio of product. We can have access to all the offer to  show you properties that fits best your requirements

GAIN TIME: You will basically saved 80% of the time you would have spend without a professional flat hunter. Spending time in inadequate visit, and money in travels.

SAVE MONEY: A Real Estate agency is working for property owners, they are trying to sell their property. We are only working for you, the buyer and in that sense we will negotiate the best conditions for you. (Usually you will save between 5% to 15% of the pice asked by the seller)

BUY IN TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Our Job is to find you the right property that match your requirements, not to sell one of the property we have in out portfolio like a real estate agency would do. So you will receive honest feedbacks and advice on the property visited


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