Property Finder Service – Efficient & Customised Search

In Spain you don’t have a database to have access to all the listing as you can have in other countries. In BCN every agency manage their own listings.

We are not a real Estate agency, we work for our client and only our client. So we will use all the tools and options there are to find the property to match your requirements.

Basically we are going to save you around 80% of the visits you would have done if you did not have a professional on site.

Saving you time, travel and phone calls.

We look for properties that match your requirements and expectations.

Buy at the Best Price

 We will help you to buy at the right moment, with the right person, at the right price.

Right moment: Some owners/agency put some product for sale over the market price when they are not in a rush to sell and just want to see if someone will be willing to pay the price they ask.

Right person: Many properties can be for sale through different agencies and at different price & condition. We will find who is the right  representative to talk with.

Right price: Some property are overpriced because they are designed to be sold to international clients. The agencies that applies those prices are using the fact that international clients does not know the market value, we will help you to avoid these & support you in the negotiation process.


After buying your property – language barrier or administrative tasks could make your installation hard. We would be happy to help you in that process and if required, refer you to professional that can help you in that process according to your needs. We can put you in contact with professionals in Construction, Decoration, Architect & find you a tenant for your property etc…


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