DIAGONAL LUXURY 6BR – 1.195.000€


This apartment centrally located in the heart of Barcelona, the spacious residence is close to famous boutiques, restaurants and major metro stations. It is fully furnished with taste and will be available to move in this week.
Built in the 1950s, the property currently features a spacious living room, a marble façade, and numerous balconies that introduce proper light and good ventilation. It also hosts a dining room, a kitchen, 2 complete bathrooms and a guest toilet. The living and dining room and 2 of the bedrooms overlook the streets. Another highlight is that the living room has ample space to allow you and your
guests to sit on large sofas, and side chairs to enjoy movies or Netflix in the warmth of the fireplace.


1_Living-A3_Kitchen6745111693Plan Diagonal Lux


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